Hellenismos is for everyone.

Say it out loud.

Hellenismos is for everyone.

Not just academics. Not just philosophers. Not just priests.

Hellenismos is for plumbers, babysitters, students, children, retirees, line cooks, truck drivers, and your Aunt Marge.

So if you’re looking for an academic site littered with footnotes and a lot of difficult-to-pronounce words, this isn’t what you seek.

This is not a high-class website. It is a blue collar guide to ancient Greek spirituality with a modern twist. Written in English for English speakers, this site defaults to English terms over the Greek where it makes sense and often describe things from a modern English lens to provide clear context for today’s culture.

While a considered effort is made to distinguish ancient practices from modern innovation, take everything on this site with a grain of salt. If you are concerned with historical accuracy there are plenty of resources available to research ancient Greek religion on your own. Or you are welcome to be satisfied with the contents of this website as it pleases you and your Gods.

This work pleases the Theoi who inspired it. Hopefully some readers will find this work worthy and pleasing as well.